a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Gyre trouble

This morning, Gyre showed up for breakfast but didn't eat. I put out hay, and he put his nose in it, but didn't eat. His tail was horizontal, and he didn't appear to be doing anything horribly wrong... But... I decided to stay outside to observe him for a while. After a few minutes, Gyre started grinding his teeth, then stepped away from the hayrick and just stood there. He didn't assume the show dog pose for normal boy-type urination, but did dribble a bit. He also produced pellets that looked normal.

With the teeth grinding and dribble, my initial diagnosis is urniary blockage. In other words, this is an emergency vet visit. I put Gyre in a stall by himself without any food or water to make the problem worse, and called the vet for an emegency visit today. The vet will be there around noon 3PM.

Even if it is urniary blockage, I have hope. Gyre is at the teeth grinding and morose stage, not the humped-back, screaming in pain stage. And he managed to pass some urine, even if not much.

More as I know it.

ETA at 10:45 AM: The vet called from the road. He said my diagnosis sounds right with the symptoms, and that Gyre's dribble is a good sign. I need to go home and give Gyre water, though, to encourage him to pass the stone(s) by himself. Also, since Gyre did manage a dribble and is not just standing there screaming, the vet swapped my emergency call with another one, and won't be by to see Gyre until 3 PM or later.

ETA at 1PM: I visited with Gyre as soon as I got home, and delivered a big bucket of fresh water for him. He is chewing his cud and doing a very slow, stately potty dance. He picks up each foot and puts it down in basically the same spot, foot by foot. Then he burps up a new mouthful of cud. Chew chew step step. Also, he wasn't very interested in the water.
Tags: angoras, goats, vet_visits

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