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New cat at the farm (welcome Katie)

Achaosofkittens and I are definitely enablers of each other when it comes to falling in love with animals. We went to the farmers market for peaches and came home with a cat. The Fauquier SPCA was having another adoption event (like last weekend at Tractor Supply) and this time I didn't have any voice of reason, fictional or otherwise, telling me "no." We were vaguely considering an 8-month tortie, but in the end, the decision was pretty easy.

Kate, a 1 and a half year old sherbet-on-orange tabby, came home with us. She has already had one litter of six kittens, spent a jaunt in foster care, and has learned the ropes of being a housecat. She is playful and opinionated. She does not appear to like laps, but she definitely likes scritchers and playtoys. Beware her sharp kitty claws, too. (I'll be fixing that shortly.)

For now, she is living in CK's office. She had a supervised visit with Shan this evening, where they yelled at each other and sniffed warily from a few feet away. Then Katie-cat decided that she would rather play with some audio cables, and Shan studiously ignored her in favor of the scratching post. That's all well and good, but the real challenge will be Max. If Max is driven out of what little mind he has, then Katie-cat will be headed back to the pound for another try at a forever home. We have two weeks to decide.

Also, there is a hangup with her name, which is why I'm trying out "Katie" vs. Kate. I really don't think it's fair to CK to have a cat named the same as his mother-in-law...

Tags: animals, cats, home

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