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Well, at least the rice crop is coming in nicely...

If I heard the radio announcer correctly, we've racked up over eight inches of rain this month. Even with hurricane season, that's a lot of water. We have not gone an entire week without a flood warning somewhere in the "listening area" of the radio station.

The bad side to this rain is that my goats are, variously: limping from toe infections (goat equivalent of athlete's foot), crusty from mud, full up with parasites, and bored to destruction.

The good side to this rain is that the multiple hundreds of pounds of seed that I've laid out on the pastures have joyfully burst open and sent sprouts to the sky.

The front-right pasture, where I put out 50lbs of contractor mix in the big muddy llama patches, is now a patchwork of light and dark green rather than muddy brown and dark green. The power line stripe is also green again from massive seed efforts. Also, the overseeding of pasture blend seed into the old grass is showing up in ripples.

I even went over to the new pasture (on the new property) and put pasture blend grass seed down over the crab grass and miscellany that is growing along the powerline there. I expect that, as the goats continue to eat back the overgrowth on that side, I will fill in with pasture grasses. We plan to remove some trees, too, which should help with getting more field established.

The most satisfying (if short-lived) greening is in the back-right fields where I put out the two "deer greens" packages mixed in with pasture blend. Those "deer greens" are a mixture of kale, turnips, radishes, and something else that I have forgotten. I end up having to pull out some of the spurned turnips at the end of the season, but in the meantime, the goats have something healthy and different to eat. Yay for green!
Tags: angoras, expanding_the_empire, garden, goats, llamas

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