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Yarn update

The yarn that I got in from Still River Mill last week is now on consignment over at Nature's Yarns. Ok, I delivered the yarn for consignment today, and now it's up to the folks at the store to label and display it all.

I'm so proud of the yarn, and so pleased with the managers at Nature's Yarns. They are incredibly organized about the consignment, and between the specific spreadsheet with my information on it and their sales/inventory system, there is little question about what has sold, what I'm owed, etc. I feel really good about this relationship.

... and I have more fleeces to send off for processing. I think I know what I will be doing with them. I have more roving than I could possibly spin, so everything is going off to become beautiful yarns. I just need to choose my colors and get off my duff about shipping. Alternatively, I could try to cram it into the truck and drop it off at NYS&W.

New Yarn from Still River Mill (on a new rug, too!) New Yarn from Still River Mill (on a new rug, too!)
All skeins are 4 ounces
Grey: Gyre/Gimble/Dot 240 yards
(The other grey that is not in the photo is Dahlia/Mona 280 yards)
Garnet: Anna/Lerris 370 yards
Ruby: Anna/Lerris 400 yards
Sapphire: Constantine/Summer 400 yards
Royal Blue: Jessie/Astor 400 yards
Purple: Talla/Goblin 420 yards
Green: Summer/Constantine 400 yards

The new yarn with flash The new yarn with flash

See how shiny mohair can be!

Click on the photo for a bigger version.
Tags: dye, sales, yarn

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