a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Why I won't buy a Kindle part III

(part 1 is here)

I just read an article about Amazon's monopoly moves and market manipulation that makes Google and Microsoft look like transparent, up-front, open door players in the modern commercial world. I'm really pained to read it. It is going to require some interesting behavior modification on my part to put my money where my outrage is...

The article is here: Borderland Books, down at the "From the Office" post.

Oddly, the most heartbreaking thing for me is to find out that Amazon owns ABEbooks now. And that's kind of irrelevant, since it is still performing the function for which I use it, namely, putting me in touch with used book dealers who have what I want.

I'm putting this out as public. I don't think the previous posts were, because I'm not troll-bait. But this article is worth a heavy think.

ETA: I should clarify, in response to comments, that I'm not outraged. I'm just feeling pained. Big gorillas crush a lot of little guys, and bully a lot of little guys, and try to influence markets, and try to influence laws, and that makes me feel bad.
Tags: defending_my_cave, news, shopping

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