a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

We made it to Rhinebeck on time!

Despite traffic and rain, we made it to Rhinebeck in exactly 7 hours 15 minutes, just like Google maps said. The sky cleared just as we pulled into the fairgrounds. We got my two fleeces checked into the fleece show with 20 minutes to spare. We unloaded and bedded down the goats without any major issues. My papers were checked by the scrapie-inspector, whose only comment was that I should have Talla's entire farm ID listed on the paper so that her ear tattoo matches the listing correctly.

It started raining again as we headed into town to find the hotel. We got checked into the hotel without any problems or delays by a very competent person who made our reservation for next year too, in the same transaction. No fuss, no muss. I love competent people!

It's now nap-ish time until the crowd migrates towards dinner. The rain outside the open window is soothing, even with the random geese honking too. ::flop::
Tags: festivals

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