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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Rhinebeck report, day 1 and goat show 
15th-Oct-2011 06:11 pm
The rain blew away last night, so today dawned crisp and gorgeous, as advertised. We did have a few showers blow through around lunchtime, but they were gone before I had any reason to walk out from under shelter.

The show moved briskly. The judge was good. She was communicative, respectful, authoritative, and had interesting things to say. The only confusing thing was that she was slightly erratic in how many placements she made (first, second, third; first, second, third, fourth, fifth...) in the classes. She wanted everyone to understand that the Texas drought is sending a lot of genetics in the slaughter markets. In contrast, here on the East Coast the Angora herds are growing, and so our breeding choices are going to be more and more important.

I showed Talla, Goblin, and Gimble again. Talla didn't place at all. Goblin and Gimble placed fourth and fifth out of five, with the comment that Gimble's fleece has the best shine she'd seen on a buck, but his horns are too close. There was a buck here who broke his horn pretty badly - he won't bleed to death, but he will likely lose that half of a horn.

I sold Astor to go be a friend to another yearling Angora wether who had only an Oberhasli as a buddy, and two sheep. I've had a lot of interest in both Berry and Astor today, so I'm hoping to sell Berry tomorrow.

I bought my New York show swag and a bag from Crazy Lanea. I haven't gone nuts (yet) this year.
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