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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Were-goat (Jared is pining in love) 
22nd-Oct-2011 01:36 pm
Goldie pbhttt
This morning, I had to leave the house before dawn. As I threw my stuff into the car, this hoarse howling rose from the pasture. I dashed back across the yard with images of twisted and broken boy goats flashing through my mind. Last time I heard that noise, Jared had been stuck *in* the fence. But no, Jared was fine. He was just pining away for Summer-goat, a yard and a driveway away from him. His broken heart had led him to have to sing his agony and love underneath the crescent moon at the top of his lungs. Aaaawwooooooo! Aaaaawwwooooooo! Snort! Snort! Aaaaaaaawoooooo!
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