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Goat names thoughts

I am considering names for the upcoming kid crop, and I have a few choices out there so far. Anyone who has ideas is welcome to field them here, too.

Jared: Sashimi, Jessie, Mona. The expectation here is a whole lot of black, hopefully with some racing stripes.
Cookie: Dahlia, Anna. I'd like to repeat Anna's successful twinning from last time (Gyre & Gimble) but this time with girls.
Loki: Alys, Talla. I'd like to repeat Alys's first kid, Apollo, in either male or female.

If I have a boy kid on Feb 2 (the first possible due date), he's getting named Murray. His twin brother will be Phil, or his twin sister will be Andie or Rita. Yes, I know that I mostly do book references. This is too good to skip, though.

I'm also looking at the following names as possibilities:
Beka, Ari, Owen (Price of the Stars)
Kaylin (Cast in Shadows)
Darien (Troubled Waters)
Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs (Wizard of Oz) I think a goat named Oscar or Isaac would be cute.
Damian (Damiano)

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