a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Veterans Day observed on the hill

On my drive out into the countryside towards Shenandoah, I saw something that made me wish for a soundtrack, or at least a chance to pull over to take a photo.

On the tall, grassy median above the rolling highway stood a lone horse and rider. The rider was in an old-fashioned cavalry uniform, and held an American flag with pole tucked into his stirrup. The horse was a brown and cream pinto, vaguely western, with powerful legs and a proud neck. They stood on the sunstruck hill, flag and tail blowing in the last autumn wind.

And in three breaths, I had driven onward into the hills, wishing I had stopped to take his photo, but romantically glad I that did not.

ETA: He was still there two hours later, so this time, I did stop. It took until I was looking at the photos tonight when I realized that he had changed horses. Now I wonder if it was the same guy...

This photo was taken going the wrong direction, so it isn't nearly as powerful or photogenic as it is from the other side. But hopefully it conveys something of what I saw...

Tags: feelings, human_condition

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