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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
A suspicious smack down is leaving me wondering 
11th-Nov-2011 04:36 pm
Goldie pbhttt
I took Gimble and Goblin to the vet for wethering today. Because of gate issues while I was trying to load them by myself, Loki ended up spending all morning sharing a fence line with Jared. Of course they spent those four hours beating at each other through the fence. So, after unloading the two newly wethered boys while watching the stupidity, I put Jared in with Loki for their annual smack down ritual of goat manliness.

I could give you the play-by-play replay, but the highlights are that Jared literally rubbed Loki's face in the dirt twice, and then accepted defeat and walked away. (Yes, Jared lost again. He expends too much energy and Loki fights dirty.) Within twenty minutes of the start, the two of them were done spewing testosterone all over each other. When I finally left off supervising them, they were grazing next to each other like geriatric wethers who had lived together forever.

Because neither of them was actually beaten by the other, I am very suspicious of the end of the fight. I just hope that any flare-ups aren't horrible.
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