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Musicals: Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot, the musical, was wonderful. The 12-year-young talent, Ty Forhan*, who danced (and sang) the lead role was amazing. The show was touching in ways I didn't expect; I think I cried twice. The show was fun and funny in ways I didn't expect, too. And the dancing! The interpretive dance of Billy's frustration at his father and his life situation was breathtaking. His "audition" piece will be worthy of a standing ovation by closing night, once it has smoothed out and the audience has settled down. The closing number was hilarious.

It wasn't perfect by a long shot. The accents were erratic and generally atrocious, but that's America for you. The show was wobbly and uneven - it was opening night, after all - and the characters didn't all differentiate themselves quite the way they should. Some of the girls could have transported to the "Hard Knock Life" scene in Annie without more than a costume change.

I'm so glad I spent that time and money. There was a crowd of talented youngsters on that stage, and I'm pleased to support them and pleased that they could have their time at the Kennedy Center.

This is during the montage of Billy learning to dance during private lessons he sneaked after school...

* There are five young gents covering the lead role. You can read about them here: http://www.theskykid.com/billy-elliot-musical/meet-the-billys-2nd-north-american-tour-billy-elliot-the-musical/ The coolest thing is that these boys were cast for talent, not racial phenotype.
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