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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
How to cheese a cat 
15th-Dec-2011 09:20 am
Snooch Smiley
Pico-cat was diagnosed with a UTI on Monday. I tried to give him wet food to hide the pills, and ended up cleaning a cat's worth of barf up from all over the house. So yesterday, I sullied my soul by purchasing cheeze whiz. As canned cheese is the pill-peanut-butter for cats, I will have to survive the humiliation for the sake of pushing pills into Pico-cat's face.

After securing the cat on my lap by way of cheesy bribery, I grab him by the back of the head and paint his nose with cheese. While he is distracted, I plan my pill attack. The trick is to dab cheese on your finger, poke the pill with the cheese, then shove the finger down the cat's throat. The cheese will wipe off on the cat's tongue, and since the pill was to the front of the mess, it is the first thing swallowed.

And, since Pico is a tad stupid, he will make the ick-face, then recover and lick my finger clean of cheese.
15th-Dec-2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
Poor you. Poor kittah. This is why I ask the doc for injectable stuff and have the dogpooh do the honors. Seems to bother them (and us) less.
15th-Dec-2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
That's a brilliant idea! I'll have to try that next time one of the four-leggeds needs medication.
15th-Dec-2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
You could stick the pill in the cheeze whiz nozzle, cram the nozzle in his mouth and trigger it. The cheeze would force the pill into his stomach.

Cat whippits!
15th-Dec-2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
But then there is cheese up his nose, and imagine how he would feel sneezing cheese out his nose?
15th-Dec-2011 07:13 pm (UTC)

We use something like this with our cats and dogs (and previous foster dogs) - most vets carry it for under $10. You wedge the pill in the rubber tip, shove it as far down as you can, and the central plastic piston (for lack of a better term) shoots the pill further down so it's not so easy for them to spit or hack out. We'd follow up with a treat afterward, but this would generally ensure we got the pill in far enough. :)
16th-Dec-2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
If you're completely grossed out by spray cheese, cream cheese also works pretty well.
18th-Dec-2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Awesome! I've always just snagged the cat and shoved it down, rubbing their throat & keeping their mouth clamped shut, and trying again if they hack it up. I like your idea better.
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