a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

How to cheese a cat, part 2

I said yesterday: After securing the cat on my lap by way of cheesy bribery, I grab him by the back of the head and paint his nose with cheese. While he is distracted, I plan my pill attack. The trick is to dab cheese on your finger, poke the pill with the cheese, then shove the finger down the cat's throat.

This assumes, of course, that I managed to secure the cat. This morning, I didn't do such a great job grabbing Pico's head. He squirmed free, lunged forward, and nearly bit off my pill-and-cheese covered finger in his desperate quest to consume the cheesy goodness. ... I'm thinking that I'll skip the "secure the cat" step tomorrow and substitute "call the cat" and just offer him the cheese-n-pills in the bathroom to keep the other cats from cutting in on the action.

It should be noted for the record, however, that Maximus does not believe in cheese whiz. I will need to keep that in mind if ever he is the recipient of pills. To him, the One True Cat Food is pig.
Tags: cats, vet_visits

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