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Books: Paranormalcy

Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White. YA Fantasy, 335 pages. Hardback; stand-alone first of the series.

Paranormalcy is a teen-angst book from the inside looking out, for once. Our heroine has special powers, special dispensations, and hangs out with the really interesting "people" - the paranormals - like werewolves and faeries. She does all of her shopping online, and hangs out with a mermaid to gossip. But all she wants is to go to high school and be normal for once. She is rather blasé about her special powers and status until another unique creature shows up at The Agency. And at the same time, something horrible starts slaughtering paranormals. Suddenly, in her own self-centered, 16-year-old way, her relationship to the world outside starts to matter for real.

This was a fast read, with only a handful of named characters, so no chance of confusion in the rather linear plot. There is glossed-over violence, traumatic death that is suddenly ignored, cute teen kissing, and a lot of squealing about makeup and hair and the big bad guy and gal. I found it to be fun, funny, and about as heavy as her attempts at thought. But while I enjoyed it, I have no plans to continue with this series.

I recommend this book to YA Fantasy readers who can accept and enjoy the self-centered, tiny world of a fashion-conscious teen whose heart is in the right place, but who can't see farther than the end of her pink Taser.

Why I picked it: This book was reviewed last year by Unshelved Book Club (a branch off of the comic strip), and went onto my "to-read" list after that.

New-to-me Books for 2012

House of the Star by Caitlin Brennan, YA fantasy. 282 pages; hardback; stand-alone. 3/5 stars on Goodreads (3 = "liked it"), 4/5 stars on Amazon (4 = "liked it"); straight into the giveawaybox
Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey, Fantasy. 404 pages; hardback; stand-alone. 2/5 stars on Goodreads (2 = "it was OK"), 3/5 stars on Amazon (3 = "it was OK"); straight into the giveawaybox
Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt, Urban fantasy. 336 pages; paperback; first in the series. 3/5 stars on Goodreads (3 = "liked it"), 4/5 stars on Amazon (4 = "liked it"); going to keep it around and loan it to friends
Hexed edited by uncredited, listed under the first author, Ilona Andrews. Urban Fantasy, 326 pages. Paperback; anthology of four novellas. 3/5 stars on Goodreads, 4/5 stars on Amazon; going to loan it to friends who like Kate Daniels, then likely give it away.
Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White. YA Fantasy, 335 pages. Hardback; first in the series. Giveawaybox.
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