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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Who's being a cranky-goat? 
20th-Jan-2012 07:51 pm
I went out tonight to prep for the cruddy weather we are expecting tonight/tomorrow (that lovely snow-sleet mix). Because segregation no longer really matters and it's more convenient to do so*, I left the gate between the two back pastures open while I was working. This let everyone in the back mix and redistribute between the two sides of the barn. By the time I had finished distributing the hay, there was a big crowd of goats in the right side stall. In the left stall, there was... Jared. He was eventually joined by Dahlia and Mona, both very dominant females who are heavily pregnant and don't give a rip what the boys say.

* That's nicer than saying "they busted the fence again, so the gate is really irrelevant at the moment for anything more than llama control." ::sigh::
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