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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Breeding season is officially OVER... here come the kids... 
23rd-Jan-2012 03:00 pm
Yesterday, I moved the six biggest boys up front and swapped all the girls to the back. As such, Jared, Cookie, and Loki had their final smackdown yesterday (with Sancho, Goblin, and Gimble looking on). Yes, I know that Loki and Jared already had one smackdown, but that didn't include Cookie. This time, it was Jared vs. Cookie, with Loki taking cheap shots at both of them whenever he could hook a leg. (argh!) I ended up with smashed fingers, a very sore head, and a sore back from yelling "STOP!," de-tangling legs from horns, and calling "time in!" over and over again. Eventually Cookie won and the whole team went off to munch their hay and enjoy the afternoon before the rain came in.

I'm seriously thinking that Loki is going to get wethered this year. Unicorns and rainbows could come out of Talla and Alys this year, and I still think I've had enough of his poor sportsmanship and destructive tendencies. I may cut Jared too and retire him. He's given me some solid kids, but nothing amazing, and he's just getting old and tired. He's losing these fights and ending up exhausted and limping from it, and that makes me unhappy for him...

On Saturday, Achaosofkittens used a rented backhoe to dig out the rotten goat felt on the right side of the barn so that I could re-bed it for the new moms and babies. According to my vet, my kids are due ANY TIME NOW. I'm quite pleased that we are expecting 50s and sunshine tomorrow. Actually, we'll be cycling rain/sun/rain all week, with daytime temperatures well above freezing for the whole week. I'm very, very glad about that. My goats have been typically good about kidding during the day, but they aren't that consistent about kidding *in* the barn. Jessie's mudpuddle delivery is memorable for that.

Sashimi's new owner is supposed to be coming up to pick her up tomorrow, along with Constantine. Given my comments about weather (above) I think her timing is perfect with the sunshine and 50 degree temperatures. And while I love him to death, Goblin will be leaving soon too. He and Gimble have a pickup date in late February. This should help me make room for my one or two favorites in this year's kid crop, or whoever doesn't sell, if I'm being pessimistic.

I'm still pondering names. I've been re-reading the Imager series, and while I don't think I want a goat named Rhenn, I'm thinking Liora (Seliora) or Shault could be interesting goat baby names that will grow up well. I'm still thinking Ari, Owen, Beka, Kaylin, Darien, Damien, Oscar, Isaac... Anyone born on Feb 2nd gets named for the movie Groundhogs Day. And a giggling-evil side of me really wants to name a goat Gina from the song "Dear Gina" because it was such a funny live introduction and we already have a Katie (cat).

Reminder of who is kidding from whom :

Jared: [Sashimi] Jessie, Mona
Cookie: Dahlia, Anna
Loki: Alys, Talla

Various references:

Numbers of kids from each, as well as my predictions for who is kidding in what order.


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24th-Jan-2012 04:22 am (UTC)
Yay for good weather and new kids soon! I hope all of the births go smoothly and the kids are healthy! I can't wait to see the photos, since I won't be there to cuddle a goatling this year. :) (I still complain loudly about how frustrating it is that angora goats seem to be the one thing I'm somewhat reactive to. They're so darn smart and funny and cute that I wouldn't be able to stop myself from nuzzling into them and then the amazing face reaction would happen. Meh!)

Vaguely related, we should be getting our first of 1 to 3 yaklings in May. Our Kai-face is a cuddle-bug who has free-range around the yard, which can be surprising for delivery trucks. "Does he do anything?" "He might demand pets." "Oh. Huh. *pets the yak whilst looking bemused*" Daven is training him to lay down on command, though he'll mostly do it for the belly rubs. Strange critter. (Both the husband and the yak.)
24th-Jan-2012 01:55 pm (UTC)
Daven is training him to lay down on command, though he'll mostly do it for the belly rubs.

I can just picture Kai-yak flopping down on some delivery-guy's feet and demanding pettings like a huge, herbivorous dog.
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