a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

This year's icy-hill stupidity was almost a re-run

(This is the public post version.)

We got about an inch of snow followed by a quarter inch of ice on Friday night/Saturday morning. Saturday stayed grey, damp, and cold, so the hill didn't melt at all. On Saturday night, I jumped into the truck to go see Darkfyre_Muse and Quixotic_Goat. But I didn't get very far. Our across-the-street neighbor Sunny's son G. had tried to take his little sporty coupe up the hill, and had not made it, in rather spectacular fashion. G. had made it just past the big curve, and then lost traction, spun out, and put the car-butt in the trees and car-nose in the drainage ditch. And there I was, driving down the hill in a 4WD truck with snow chains and a tow chain in the back seat... I called DMuse and let her know that I was going to be late because I was going to be neighborly.

I didn't realize just *how* late I was going to be due to this little adventure. It turned out that G. had put his car so hard into the ditch that he was off of the front wheels and there was no way to get the tow chain under the front of his car. While Sunny was standing around watching son G. digging around under the front of the car, I went home for Achaosofkittens's engineering brain, work gloves, ice grippers for my boots, my snow chains for G's car, and LilWolfGirl22 for extra muscle, too. After many failed attempts to dig the car's front end out, Achaosofkittens figured out how to do this from the other end. He ended up using a come-along winch to drag the car further *up* into the trees so that G. could pivot the wheels out of the ditch and just drive/fall down the hill again.

Given what we had to do to get the car out, I ponder what would have happened if we (or specifically, Achaosofkittens) hadn't been there to help. And I have to note that G. had already failed to make the hill the first time he tried. This spin-out was his *second* attempt to get up the hill. ::sigh:: I made my standard pitch once again: TIRECHAINS.COM You have no excuse. Really. You grew up on this hill. You know better than to drive like this, and even if you didn't, you do now. GET SOME SNOW CHAINS OR GET OUT AND WALK. In conversation with G's father Sunny, we also talked about last year's hill episode in which neighbor-Bryan pulled a sedan out of the curve and I ended up giving everyone a ride up the hill. (See: "Competent judgment is not sex-linked - or - How to meet your neighbors... on Ice!" from Jan 29, 2011.)

... And I was about 2 hours late to dinner with D_Muse and Q_Goat. Thank goodness for understanding friends!
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