a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

thoughts on alpacas (again)

So, I haven't talked to Achaosofkittens about this yet - he only got sideswiped by an e-mail cc that he probably hasn't read yet. But I'm posting because maybe someone else out there can help...

Fiber friends of mine who raise alpacas (remember my handspun shawl from Black Streaker?) sold their farm and some of their animals, and moved out of state. One of the guys who bought some of the animals has not been caring for them. He has neglected them in all ways; he let them get thin and sick. In fact, Black Streaker is dead from intestinal parasites - a solveable problem.

The previous owners heard about this and have asked for help getting five gelded males off of that farm. I talked to the lady about it. I admitted that we didn't do so well last time with Marco. But I'm willing to try again if it means getting a thin, unhappy alpaca out of a bad situation.

If anyone else in this area wants a rescue-alpaca, please let me know.
Tags: alpacas, animals, friends

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