a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Goat baby update

The last two babies are on the bottle for at least the beginning. One of them is a bottle-drinking champ while the other is ok at it. Champ-baby is sucking down the formula and then bugging Mona for more, so I still have some hope that eventually she will start nursing. The ok-baby may have aspirated some milk yesterday, and is much slower going today. She was ok at the 2am and 6am feedings, but she refused the noon bottle, even while her tummy was only partially full.

Thunderbird_1956 just called to offer up his services for goat care. That is SO SWEET! I don't think we need it, but it's incredibly nice of him to offer to drive all the way out here to get spit up on and head-butted by cute but clueless baby animals.

Everyone else is doing just fine. The first two kids -both singles- are HUGE and miles ahead of everyone else in physical development. Anna's boys are doing fine, but I'm keeping them in longer so that I can spend more enforced time with them. Anna's and Talla's boys will likely be freed to roam on Monday after the snow is gone. Soon, we will have a thundering herd of goat babies!
Tags: angoras, friends, kids

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