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The adventures of Goblin at his new home

I had a fun e-mail conversation with Goblin's new owner since Goblin moved to Southern VA on Saturday though I've cut out a lot of the pleasantries so you can see where the plot line went here... Italics are him, straight text is me:

The goats made the trip just perfect had no trouble at all. I put them in the barn and then turned them out Sunday with the rest of the crew. They are getting along just great so far with the herd but not real sure what the dogs are yet. They will nibble at there food and hay but not really digging in yet. Thanks again for your greatness and we enjoyed the visit at your farm!!! Hope all your babies grow big and we will be in touch!!

Thank you so much for the positive note. I'm glad that everyone made the trip ok. I hope the boys settled down and just chewed cud while you drove. I'm glad that they are mixing in with the herd, and I'm not surprised that the dogs are getting a quizzical eye.

Thanks for the fun visit. I'm really pleased that my boys are off to such a nice family. I hope that your children enjoy them and that Goblin is as good with your two sons and he has been with visitors here.

Oh yes my 4 yr old has already been leading him around and turned him loose!!!

Wait, what? Your 4 year old turned Goblin loose? I hope you had bribery on hand to catch him!

Yes he sure did!! No. I just walked right up to him and got his halter. He just stood there waiting.


Goblin is going to be the best farm-pet for a 4-year old boy who just wants someone to follow him around. I recommended giving the kid a pocket full of animal cookies.
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