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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Stampede practice! 
27th-Feb-2012 09:48 pm
The little bottle baby twins have totally taken to people as a part of the herd. Yesterday, FireandEarth came to visit, and we tried stampede practice with the goats. We got at least the twins, and sometimes Rex and Pan, to follow any running human who was running in familiar territory. We ran up the little dirt pile hill, down onto the flat, and hopped up onto the stump. The girls enthusiastically followed suit.

And it was good practice for today, when a family showed up to interview Berry. The family included a young girl who just about turned inside out with joy over the twins. And the family sons both enjoyed the stampede practice. With a few cues, they got the girls to follow them around in galloping circles. It was cuteness and fun, and I'm pretty sure I'll be hearing from the family tomorrow...
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