a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

brain bubbles over

I have no cavities and bright white teeth again. Of course, now I get to work late for the privilege of having gone to the dentist this morning.

A co-worker gets to sit in a 2 hour meeting I thought I would be stuck with. Nah nah!

I had a great time with a new handspinning person last night at the house. She met the goats and talked about them and the sheep for a while. Then we went inside to the dining room, where we had a fiber show-tell-swap that took about three hours.

I hauled all of my regular stash out of the hobby room and trucked it downstairs to show off. She left the table with more volume than I did, so I can claim to have lessened my roving stash by about a cubic foot. One of the things I swapped for was a half-pound of cashmere/merino roving that is yummyyummy. She claimed that, while the cashmere was yummy, it was so boring to spin that she gave up on it. Another roving I got from her is gotswold (I'll have to look up the spelling), which is the sheep wool that the weavers used to make the big grey Lord of the Rings cloaks. I also got some fun green-n-yellow mohair/wool, some purple mohair something, a pinch of camel, a pinch of beast, and a ball of wool/silk that was dyed like a child's picture of the sun (red, orange, yellow, bits of brown). In return, she took some alpaca-silk brindle, some white mohair/alpaca/wool blend, some green mohair/wool, some red llama, and pinches and pokes of this and that of my angora blends to try out. She is really a sheep wool person, and she raises angora rabbits, so the mohair and alpaca blends are something unusual for her.

The bad news is that we found wool moths in one of my boxes of roving. The good news is that is the only box of roving with moths in it. The bad news is that box was stored in the hobby room, which is full of costumes, hunting gear and fabric so I have a date to buy mothballs tonight. And start digging/sorting/bagging/throwing the contents of the hobby room about six weeks earlier than I had planned.

From one of my fiber e-mail lists:
I have a sheep washing story. When I was a teenager I worked at an expensive summer camp. One of my jobs was taking care of the animals. When parents' day came around everything had to be perfect. They repainted the fake well and retopped the tennis court. It had rained so the sheep looked a little shabby. I did some research about washing sheep and found it was not generally a good idea because cleaning products could harm the wool. So I bought some woolite and bathed them in it. They were the fluffiest, most beautiful sheep you ever saw!

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