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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Alpaca shearing day - next Friday! 
13th-Apr-2012 08:46 pm
Greenfield Farms Alpacas - the farm that helped me rescue the three starved beasties now living on my front pasture - is hosting their alpaca shearing day next Friday. On April 20th, you can come meet alpacas, see the shearing process, and maybe purchase a nice spinning fleece of your very own. It always tastes better when it's home-made, right? Come meet the animals and see where the sweaters start...

Drop me a note for details.
14th-Apr-2012 03:06 pm (UTC)
Is there a chance to buy any of yours? Alas, I'm working next Thurs, Fri and Sat, so I wouldn't be able to come, but I still want to give you money!
14th-Apr-2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
I really appreciate the offer of support for my rescues! Yes, you are welcome to buy fleece. Let me know which one and how much...
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