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Girls sneaking out.

I have the girl goats sharing a fence with the boy goat to help get everyone in the breeding mood. Jared is young and placid, so I'm not sure if he's ready to perform just yet. He's not pawing and bellowing, or mooning around. The girl goats are starting to hang out at the fenceline, but no one is singing the goat songs of love just yet (and no swishy tails and red backsides). But the nights are getting cooler, and other goat friends are starting to see action. So timing is good.

Since he is still so small and has not exhibited any bucky behavior yet, Loki-kid is still in with the girls. Lately, Loki has been getting under the fence into the boy goat side to sleep. Since he's a boy too, I'm ok with that*.

However, last night CK and I went out to check on the goats. There was a count mis-match, and we discovered that Goldie (Loki's mom) was on the boy side too. Assuming she went over to check out Jared's hospitality, and assuming he was interested in being hospitable in the manner that only bucks can, Goldie is now assumed to be due to kid on or about February 25th**.

That's not so bad, because I planned to put everyone together this weekend. Goldie only jumped the gun (jumped the fence?) two or three days early. But now I definitely have to get everyone dewormed and remixed so that she isn't completely out of timing with the other three girls.

It's not too early to start thinking of kid names or name-themes for next spring. All thoughts are welcome!

* The boy side is full of 80-100 pound goats and sheep, and can't be all that comfortable for a 30 lb baby.
** There are many other "ifs" including the question if Goldie was cycling just right for last night to be a fertile encounter.
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