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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Do you have five minutes and a hammer? 
30th-Apr-2012 09:15 pm
That has to be one of my best conversation openers with Achaosofkittens.

I went out front to separate the big boy goats and the alpacas in case it rained tonight, but discovered that the boys had taken the 12-foot gate completely off of the hinges and had also knocked down a fence board. I could pick up the gate, but couldn't see to re-hang it at the same time. Since I needed help getting the gate back up, I figured I would ask the resident blacksmith for one of his thousand hammers rather than go to the trouble of finding my single one.

Also, Sancho is a real jerk towards the alpacas. He likes to beat on them just 'cause. I may need to stop mixing them up for a while.
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