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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
March of Dimes update 
2nd-May-2012 01:32 pm
Teky4lf is awesome. Just sayin'.

And if you happen to have $25 sitting around and are interested in a 100% tax-deductable donation, consider that your $25 could be incredibly useful... $25 could provide 400 women with a wallet card listing the signs of preterm labor and what to do if it happens to them. Or $25 could provide 22 women of childbearing age with folic acid supplements for one year, thereby helping ensure baby brain and spinal cord growth.

Our next corporate fundraiser is at Glory Days Grill in Centreville on Tuesday, May 8th from 4PM to 10PM. 10% of all non-alcoholic sales will go to the March of Dimes!

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