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goat party

I managed to get *everybody* dewormed yesterday, even the skittish sheep. Jared is in with the four does he gets to breed, and Summer is out with the two kids. (She's just too small to breed, so she gets to play babysitter.) Sancho gets to hang out with the sheep while his buddy plays Casanova.

I haven't seen Jared actually mount anyone yet, but there is definitely some interest on both sides, especially with Sashimi. -- here's a little goat psychology for you -- I wonder if Jared is most interested in Sashimi because she is the closest to looking like him...? They are both black; then there are the two brown/reds and one white.

And now, after printing the directions, I'm off to Montpelier Fiber Festival. I was hoping to beat the rain, but we've already got a heavy mist out there. Sigh. Oh, well, at least they aren't *my* wet sheep to haul home tomorrow.
Tags: angoras, breeding, festivals

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