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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Great Lakes Fiber Festival update 
26th-May-2012 11:40 am
This is my first time at Wooster, and wow is this place... laissez-faire. There is not only no admission charge, there is no restriction on parking. People can just drive into the fair and park wherever they want that isn't blocking anyone/thing. It's kinda weird and neat at the same time. Once in a while I look up and see a truck go driving by through the middle of the midway la la la. And no one seems to notice.

The second piece of good fortune is that the heat isn't as bad as I had feared, because our show is set up in the shade between two buildings where we can catch the breeze.

The judge is fast, articulate, and consistent in her commentary. The white show will be over by noon, which means we are free until the education lecture at 4PM. I'm wavering between going back to the hotel for a nap against this headache that I'm fighting, and wandering the show.
26th-May-2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
how did I not know this was a thing? will def. have to look into it next year. If you wind up wandering the show, tell me how the vendors are. :)
26th-May-2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
aaaaaaaaaargh how is your number not in my phone? will yall still be out there tomorrow? 'cause if you are, maybe I will bring my $50 rebate card and hang out with you and do a little shopping. :)
26th-May-2012 09:05 pm (UTC)
Yes, but I have yours... Text sent!
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