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Wooster report day two

It was bloody hot today, but again the show was in the shade and the breeze, so we survived unscathed. My boys showed ok, but not great. In the initial placement, Rex placed second... But then the judge started to re-sort them with more importance regarding size and color saturation, and he fell to sixth place. Pan, Ari, and Cerryl placed together somewhere around 11th place in the same class of sixteen goats. Rex, Pan, and Cerryl competed for the breeder's flock for me, and as a team they came in third. Breeder's flock is where the judge looks at three goats from the same farm and looks for consistency as well as quality.

I gave Talla back to Gypsy Ridge Farm like I had promised to do. I then bought myself a consolation goat - a yearling from Kid Hollow Farm named Ginger. She was the first place kid doe last year at Rhinebeck, by the way. And Kid Hollow has invited her back to breed to this show's first place yearling buck. (I need to fact check that part - he might be adult class...)

Pinxterbloom Farm, Kid Hollow Farm, Hill & Dale Farm, and I all teamed up to help each other load up and clean out the stalls. We made our spoon full of sugar last through all of the cleanup and good-byes among the five of us. I had my change of clothes hanging up off of a crossbar as my visual reminder of my Shangri La of cool and clean once I had cleaned up, which amused the others. I was just getting into the shower when MegKnitsALot showed up from her work at the Creatively Dyed booth pack-up. We were cleaned up and on the road before 5:30. (I'm posting this from about Breezewood, PA while she is driving.)

Did I mention bloody hot? We're in a truck without air conditioning, and while MegKnitsALot is a good sport about it all, I swear I'm not doing this again next year. I love my truck and all, but I don't love heat stroke.
Tags: angoras, festivals, goats, travel

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