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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Dyeing yarn tonight  
29th-May-2012 09:14 pm

I'm trying a couple of new things tonight. Thing one is using the iPad app to post to LJ. Thing two is dying more exotic yarn using the same technique as I've done my mohair yarn in the past: vinegar and Easter egg dye. The process and photos are behind the cut...

Ingredients: two hanks of yarn, two cups vinegar, four cups water, and four pellets of green Easter Egg dye out of the little packets you get in the kits from the drug stores (Why four? Because there is no kill like overkill!).

Combine two cups of vinegar and four cups of water into a big bowl, measuring thing, vat, etc. that is microwave safe, and bring to a bubble, but NOT a boil.

Add in your four pellets of dye, and stir well until the pellets have dissolved. Watch the cool bubbling action from the pellets, and be happy your vinegar wasn't boiling when you did this.

Add in the two hanks of yarn, poking them with a stainless steel fork (like the one you used to stir in the pellets) and being pleased that you were smart enough not to get dye all over your hands.

Put the whole mess back in the microwave. Nuke at two-minute increments and stir the yarn often to ensure saturation.

Watch how the liquid is getting clearer and clearer as the yarn takes up the dye.
Get bored watching this process, abandon the yarn mess in the microwave to soak while you go read...
Come back later to confirm that yes, the yarn did slurp up the dye, leaving only tinted water behind.

Rinse the yarn with cold water until you can't smell vinegar anymore.

Then gently squeeze out the excess water and hang up the yarn to dry.

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30th-May-2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
Cool. What a nifty idea. And such a neat color.
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