a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Garden update, with bonus bats

Most of the plants are planted. Achaosofkittens put in the watering system, as much as he could. There are a few pieces and parts that need to be replaced, we need more hose length to get to the potatoes and the just-sprouted pumpkin plants, and we need to put on the timer. But the two beds (watermelons, tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers) are all set.

The potatoes look really good this year. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about them this time. I need to put even more soil into their pots soon.

I need to add another ten or fifteen minutes to my morning routine for watering and plant-petting, and I'll need to add even more when the blackberries really get going. The first few are black and sweet, so I'm expecting them to show in force in another week.

Randomly, I need to mention that we have a very happy and determined bat enjoying the house lights. She woke me up at 2am smacking into the window as she fluttered through the flood lights. She kept whacking into the window as she swooped in little circles. I bet she is going to wake up tonight and ask "why is my wingtip so sore?"
Tags: food, garden

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