a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

We are fine, with no power.

The worst thing from the storm was a tree that came down *over* the truck. The top of the passenger door has a dent now. The cars, house, barns, fences, animals, and property are all fine. We have the generator running, so we have water and the refrigerators are no longer defrosting themselves onto the floor. (The little fridge was piddling when I got up.)

I ventured out with the truck first, figuring that the 4wd more than made up for the lack of a/c, because I was more interested in getting past downed trees than staying pretty. All of the downed trees from last night had been cleared. The town had power on the west side of the tracks. This meant that the grocery stores and gas stations were open, but the dump was closed. The co-op was lit by generators and the clerks were taking hand-written orders for grain and writing down credit card numbers. I took the risk. When I got back, I cleared the driveway so that CK could take the Prius out. CK is off to class, and I'm off to empty the truck and take a cold shower. It will likely feel very nice.

... Generator power means DSL and cordless phones. Yay for luxury in life.
Tags: home

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