a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Sneaky happy cucumber plants

I admit that, with this heat wave, I have not been as detailed in my plant-petting as I should have been. I've basically been checking that everything has been getting water, nothing has been blown over, eaten, or stressed, and that the watermelons have not taken over the world. What I have not been doing is looking under leaves. Our cucumber plants are barely over a foot tall, and are just starting to climb the trellis. When I put the trellis in, I cut off three cucumbers that were almost perfect in order to give the plants more energy for growing.

Of course, they used that energy for fruiting instead. This morning, when I went out to herd the watermelons out of the path yet again, I noticed a curvy cucumber fruit tail sticking out from under the leaves right at the base of one of the plants. So I started investigating and discovered that these two little plants had been sneaking on me all week. Remember - these plants are barely a foot tall each. So I'm guessing that they are *really* loving that watering system...

Here they are, spiny and dirty.

Here they are, washed and ready to eat.

Tags: garden

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