a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Stick head, stick head, rolly polly stick head

Rex-goat has been making a sport out of getting his head stuck in the fence. He is the only one of the four horned boy kids to be doing this, and he has been doing it multiple times in an hour. He has done it so often that he now actually understands to stand still while we untangle and re-thread him back through the wires now... But this is too dangerous and frustrating to let continue. So tonight he got the stick-head treatment. He now has a fat dowel duct-taped across his horns. I'm going to see how long it takes him to figure out how to use it as a weapon against his brothers during breakfast food bowl defense.

When we went out to give Rex his stick, we got treated to the affections of the blonde mob. Cerryl, Krys, Pan, Rex, and Loki all came up to see what was going on. Actually, the first face in Achaosofkittens's business was Sancho, who got a piece of duct tape stuck to the bridge of his nose for his trouble. We also had some trouble getting the stick onto Rex because Cerryl wanted to taste absolutely everything from CK's shirt to the tape to Rex's ears. CK ended the festivities by putting the roll of tape on one of Loki's horns and calling him a tape dispenser.
Tags: angoras, kids

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