a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Crock pot shepherd's pie

On Monday night, Achaosofkittens slaved over the preparations for a crock-pot version of shepherd's pie (beef, not lamb). On Tuesday morning, the house smelled amazing. He finished it and we ate it last night. I thought that the tomato taste made it more like "shepherd sloppy joe" to me. Achaosofkittens also commented that the crock pot can't crisp the top of the mashed potatoes either. But whatever it was that we ate, I thought it was quite good. (I especially liked the peas! They were perfect!) CK added tabasco to his bowl, and pronounced it acceptable as well. And there are six servings of leftovers, too, so I know what's for lunch tomorrow for telework day! Mmmmmmm.

If we do this one again, I think there are a couple of changes to try. There was no crunch or really any variation from bite to bite. The peas were the only distinct flavor/texture in the mixture, and they were added at the end. We talked about other possible changes, including adding whole water chesnuts, pearl onions, and maybe even celery to give it some variation and crunch.

Tags: food

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