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Ari-goat with his second place ribbon (and more discussion on fleece and breeding)

Eddie Holland, NYS&W judge, said that he liked Ari for his solid frame, good size, and his fineness of fleece. Ari did not place first in the class because of a lack of style and character to his hair. It's just not quite formulating that ringlet style that is so necessary for the perfect Angora fleece.

It is noteworthy that Zoe's older sister Anna (same breeding of Jessie x Jared) is Ari's mother. Anna placed very well as a kid, but never took first because her hair was so fine and oil-free that it never curled into ringlets, and like Zoe, she was also 2/3 the size of the rest of the competition. She looked like a little dust mop.

The judge did not mention anything about Ari's airplane ears, and barely commented on what I think are perfect horns. In general, the judge called those kinds of things "pretty points" because "you don't shear horns or ears."

Here's a photo of him with his ribbon for reference.

Ari kid at NYSW 2012
Tags: angoras, festivals, goats, kids

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