a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Due to a weather event, all goat politics have been suspended.

I just made the trek out into the blowing rain to check on the goats. All four big boys are piled into their side of the front barn, with Cookie lounging in front and Jared curled up against the back wall. The six baby boys are lined up three-and-three in their side of the barn, though everyone got up to talk to me when I stopped by to say hi.

The back left stall has all the big girls, Scout, and Lerris - minus Summer. I moved Summer over to be with the little girls so that she couldn't get pushed out into the rain. She's not sure what to do about Hercules, but with all of the open catch pens inside of the barn, she is able to put a fence between herself and the llama, so it's ok for now. Hercules is square to the barn door so that he can watch everything and let the goats know if anything goes wrong.

ETA at 4:15 PM: We looked out side and saw the boys running around like crazy. So we took more hay out front and dragged Jared to the back to room with Summer and the girls. His opinion was that this was a slice of alright. He immediately ran into the back corner away from the wind, where he greeted his lady callers with snorts of hello. Since he can no longer ::ahem!:: perform, I'm fine with him staying there even all winter if he minds his manners.
Tags: goats, home, llamas, summer-goat

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