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Green grow the grasses, oh

As a nice, calm recovery to donating blood, I ran around outside until it got dark. First, I slurped up some of the leaves in front of the house with the tractor. Then I put out about 50 lbs of grass seed with our little walk-behind seed-spreader. Part of the seed went to cover the bare spots in the yard from the two tarps we laid out to dry a few months ago. But most of the seed went down the power line areas of the goat pastures to repair the damage done by the power company when they put the wires and poles back up after the hurricane. I'm hoping that the big tread marks will actually help trap the seed and keep the slope from eroding. (I'm also hoping that I don't have to do this again for a while.)

With regards to the front yard, I don't care if it is moss or grass. I just don't want mud. With regard to the pasture itself, I took advantage of the post-autumn sales on "deer patch" food and mixed that in with the pasture seed. With that mixture, we should get interesting things like radishes growing in the bottom of the goat yard. I have done this before, and know that the goats will enjoy and nibble on the "deer plants" happily. Yes, my goats are a bit picky - they don't really like clover all that much - and giving them variety makes them happy. And really, goats are just smart, well-armed deer. I don't remember the llama eating radishes before, but I think he will at least try them.
Tags: angoras, garden, goats, llamas

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