a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Naked goat time was a tad traumatic, what with Summer's broken horn and all...

Everyone is still alive, but Summer goat looks a little weird now. One of her brittle and flaking horns finally snapped.

Thankfully, we had warning. Thunderbird went to fetch Summer out of the barn for shearing, and pointed out that her horn was flexing along a crack. This was bad juju, but we (ok, *I*) decided to just go on with shearing and then figure out what to do. Well, during shearing, Summer flailed her head just right to smash her horn against the ground... twice. The second time snapped it enough to bleed.

Thank goodness our shearer is so calm. She just kept a strong hold on Summer's head and held her thumb against the crack while I found the first aid kit. Achaosofkittens grabbed wire cutters and cut Summer's horn off completely just past the crack - half needed cutting and the other half was already splintered. I poured wound-stop into my hand and jammed it across the bottom of the severed horn. Quixotic_Goat got the gauze prepped with more wound-stop powder, and he and Achaosofkittens duct taped the gauze to Summer's horn.

Yes, in case you ever want to know, a goat/llama first aid kit includes wound-stop aluminum powder, gauze, and duct tape.

We got Summer sorted out (and sheared!) and let her go into a pasture by herself. I brought her some baby goat grain mixed with alfalfa pellets to perk her up. While Summer did nibble on the food, she didn't look so great. She started doing the shock reaction that Penny did right before she died - stretching her back legs out, hunching up, cushing down, repeat. I had a minor freak out of my own over that. We locked her up inside the barn, gave her hay and water and grain. I brought her apple slices, which she ignored. The shearer recommended Gatorade for Summer, which we didn't have. Instead, I diluted the very last of my goat-molasses and heated it up, then gave 60ccs of it to Summer. I also put one of my goat-coats on her. After about an hour, Summer was nibbling hay and acting more like herself. After two hours, she was picking fights through the inside-stall fence at Ginger (so Ginger was evicted).

Seeing Summer recovered enough to headbang at Ginger did a lot to calm me back down. Seeing the shocky behavior from Summer had really made me upset. I didn't want to completely lose my cool prematurely, but I had a minor meltdown on Achaosofkittens when I went inside for the apple. I was reliving Penny's death and not having a good day with that At. All.

But all is well. I just checked on Summer. She finally ate her apple (you can still see it in the photo below) and she is chowing through her hay. Sleep should be possible tonight.

Tags: angoras, goats, summer-goat

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