a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Too. Much. Yarn.

Ok, so I've got most (but assuredly not all) of my stashed yarn posted to my Ravelry account. I've even asked for "yarnie" ownership of the Giant Cricket brand name on Ravelry so that I can add yarn to the database and put up pictures, etc. Now there comes the fact that I need to get out there and *use* that yarn.

I have solid plans for a scant handful of the yarn. The 5 skeins of alpaca are supposed to be a triangle shawl. The two skeins of araucania (sugar cane!) are supposed to be a scarf (for which I have a specific pattern on file). Etc. But there is a lot of yarn that is basically a random acquisition* and has suffered from an aimless existence. That is slowly changing now that I've got an idea of just what I've got, how much, and types. Ravelry is good for that, since I can see what other people have done with the same yarn that I've got stashed.

1) My goal with anything big and fuzzy is to create a quick scarf/cowl/etc. and get it into the box for next year's craft show. Hence the "Fast Christmas scarf" label and the "box" label.

2) As soon as we've got the Christmas wrap cleaned up, I'm deploying my Kromski loom. I need a faster way to eat yarn (especially my GCF yarn), and that's the best thing I've got. I have a nice off-white linen warp already measured and waiting.

3) I like the look of the "knit a monster" book. The monsters look like fun, and I know a number of people who need a stuffed monster in their lives.

and 4) I may have to transition to books-on-tape. They drive me batshit for being too slow, but they will let me "read" and knit more complicated things at the same time.

* My MIL likes to give me fun and fuzzy yarn that is a bit random at times. Hence the "MIL" tag on both the yarn and the projects done with it.
Tags: books, ravelry, yarn

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