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State of the farm update: a celebration of new no-climb fencing and the end of stick-heading

We got most of the hurricane damage fixed yesterday around the pastures. The biggest and best thing is that the fences are fixed. The guys are coming back today to do the last little things, like stain the boards and finish the front wire lining. They hung our new front gate backwards (it should swing in, not out) so I've asked that to be reversed.

The one big thing that is changing is all of the old wire cattle fencing that used to line the inside of the front pasture is DOWN DOWN TRASHED AND GONE. It was originally put up to contain the mastiffs. However, it has been a constant problem because baby goats were getting their heads stuck, and we've been saying for a while that it was only a matter of time before we found a goat dead in it. Since so much of the wire was mangled in the fallen trees/fence, it made a lot of good sense to not repair it. So all that wretched wire (yay alliteration!) has been removed.

We were even smart about re-using supplies we have! We had the cattle wire replaced with the rolls of no-climb that we used to have as fencing in the back pasture before we put up the four-board back there. No-climb has little 2"x4" holes in it, which is far too small to get a goat-head stuck! We had enough to line all but the last 100 feet of the front pasture, which is awesome and probably saved us over $1,000 in fence costs. The no-climb has just been lying along the fence line between the hay barn pasture and the back left pasture, kinda sorta keeping the boys from breaking down that fence during breeding season. Since I only have one standing stud right now, hopefuly that's not a requirement this year.

The fence over on the new property that took a tree across it also got repaired. It was only one board that needed replacing; the other board just needed to be put back up. Unfortunately, in order to do that, a big oak tree needed to be relocated off of the fence first. That was the part where having someone else come out with big equipment made such a difference for how quickly and efficiently things can get done.

While they had all of their "move all the trees" equipment out at the house, we also got the workmen to push all of the fallen trees out of the driveway leading into to the next door property. When I went to go check on the work this morning, I noticed that they also pushed the fallen tree off of our street-side garden (which has been neglected for about five years). It's the little things like that which make me very pleased to hire this crew.

Also, when I called this morning to talk about the gate and the last of the no-climb, the foreman expressed concern about how much damage they've done to the actual pasture. Their little bobcat thing really made some mud. I assured him that I have the grass seed ready to take care of that section. Since it's the middle of winter, what I may do is put down seed this weekend, then scoop up all of the fallen hay from under the hayrick and scatter that on top of the mud and seed to keep from making more mud and losing the seeds.
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