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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: A Fantasy Medley 2 
10th-Jan-2013 05:43 pm
Today to Read
A Fantasy Medley 2, edited by Yanni Kuznia. Fantasy. Anthology. Second in the ... series. Limited edition currently available from Subterranean Press.

Of the four stories and authors offered, I'm familiar with the first and last worlds. Tanya Huff's "Quartered" is set back in the land of kigh in the kingdom of Shkoder. Our bardic heroine Evicka goes off to check up on two people who are still considered suspicious by the current administration. At the end of the four stories, Seanan McGuire's "Rat-Catcher" introduces Tybalt as a young man faced with the decision to stay Prince - and watch his people die - or become King of an emptied Court. Both stories were solid short stories that gave a flavor for the main character and very little else.

Amanda Downum, with "Bone Garden," and Jasper Kent, presenting "The Sergeant and the General," were both unremembred authors. "Bone Garden" fit well in this collection, focusing on a specific few people, a supernatural challenge, and a tough decision. In contrast, "The Sergeant and the General" would have been a good one, but the first half read like a Poe story and the second half was too plodding an explanation. I would have enjoyed it far more if the second half of the story had been told in the middle of the first half as a drunken or panicked flashback.

I picked this book up because I'm a big McGuire fan. I recommend this book to fans of Huff or McGuire, especially if you want to know more about how Tybalt became a King of Cats (no spoiler, that is how you meet him in Rosemary and Rue).

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