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Books: Jim "Libriomancer" Hines makes it to the BBC

Jim Hines, author of Libriomancer, The Stepsister Scheme, and Goblin Quest, has become the unofficial Internet Authority on Sexist Cover Poses on genre fiction. His year-long campaign to expose sexism in cover art turned into a fundraiser for the Aicardi Foundation. And it got him noticed in international press.

Zap! Pow! The battle against sexism on sci-fi and fantasy covers

Since he started in January 2012, Hines' poses have become the most popular posts on his blog. So he launched a new series in December to raise money to fight Aicardi syndrome, a genetic disorder that mostly affects girls.

The series has drawn more than 100,000 people to Hines' website and raised $15,405 (£9,623) for the cause.

Jim Hines straddles the remnants of a defeated alien species (a table), and clasps a pistol (a toy gun) as he triumphantly raises a cyborg's head (a toaster). Sometimes he fights battles alongside his romantic interest (a large teddy bear).

But no matter the mission, Hines shows some flesh. Just because he is waging a war, it does not mean he cannot be alluring at the same time, right?

Hines, a fantasy author, is posing like some of the female characters on science fiction and fantasy book covers he says objectify women...

And of course, Jim's blog response to finding out he is published in BBC.
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