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Movies: Pitch Perfect

I saw Pitch Perfect with Kaelikat yesterday. It was a fun movie. It was - of course - a little light on plot, but that was perfectly understandable. Music-based movies often are.

The singing was good, the reincarnated Heather (Aubrey) was funny to watch as she lost control of her clique, and the love interests were brunette. This was an almost anti-blonde movie. "Fat Amy" was the only other blonde character with a speaking part.

The plot conflict is pretty simple. The all-girls acapella team lost in the finals last year because a junior lost her lunch on stage. That public embarrassment has made it almost impossible to recruit. So rather than picking a set of "good tits with perfect pitch" the leaders are forced to take whatever they get, so in comes a merry band of misfits. The main character misfit is a freshman - Beca - who doesn't want to be at college at all, has no friends, and is mad at her father for divorcing and remarrying. The movie revolves around Beca and her conflicts with just about everyone.

I appreciate that this era of college movies is no longer one where girls are waiting for boys to get their acts together, or lecturing boys on being wrong. Beca is the one with the issues, and her guy friend is the one saying she should get her act together and figure herself out. And hey, this is college. Beca is likely only 18 and trying to get a grip on her life anyway. I wasn't expecting instant maturity and complete understanding.

There is a lot of throwaway humor and excellent wit in Pitch Perfect. Because of the music, I think it doesn't get as much credit as it should for some Cusack style dry wit that is well placed and perfectly timed. Lines like "Make good choices." were funnier for being said by an underage drinker. Fat Amy was a stand up comedian in her own right, too.

I think this could easily become a re-watch movie in my library because of the singing, and also because of the final song. The Breakfast Club movie has a specific role in this movie, and so "Don't You (Forget about Me)" is an important part of the finale.

I wonder how much of a bounce The Breakfast Club got off of this movie. Or if Simple Minds got any press either.
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