a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Baldwin the bathroom (Superbowl!) monster

I'm knitting a SuperBowl monster!

I wanted something easy to do during the Superbowl party that would look like progress, would be fun and funny to share, and would not cause a huge backup on my UFO shelf...

Last Wednesday, Loopiedoo was putting the finishing touches on her purple Petunia (Ravelry link to her Patio Monster!) and I was envious of how cute and fun she was. So why not start one of my own? I received both the Big Book of Knitted Monsters and some "Fluff's Pumpkin Pie" (hand-dyed superwash) from Puff the Magic Rabbit for Christmas.

I wound the yarn ball, grabbed a zillion size 4 needles in double-point and circular, made sure I had my book in hand, and headed to the party. With the help of AmazonMink to keep my brain from shorting out at the weird bits, I dove into something that turned out not to be all that scary to knit. I'm making a version of Baldwin the Bathroom Monster that is about the same size and shape as the little one holding the toothbrush. By the end of the party, I had "monster pants" completed - both legs and about tummy-high on the body.

Tags: ravelry, social, yarn

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