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Books: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth


In four pages she destroyed a thousand pages of good plot and action.


Why the hell did she have to end it like that? For the love of all that is good storytelling, why?

Insurgent, by Veronica Roth. YA Dystopia. Hardback, 525 pages, second in the duology.

In Divergent, Tris Prior made the decision that was supposed to guide her adult life. Instead, it made her just strong enough to fight back when the five factions fell into chaos. In this book, Tris must work past the memories of death and destruction (in the Divergent conclusion) to find out the purpose in the fighting, resolve the conflict, and bring about a new "world" order. She... doesn't. She spends a lot of the second book arguing with her teenage crush, Tobias, about love and trust. She also spends a lot of time making promises she won't keep, deliberately telling lies, and generally getting herself into messes.

I picked this book up because Divergent (link to my review) was quite good. Heck, it was voted Good Reads book of the year in 2011. But unfortunately, Insurgent can't compare. I recommend Insurgent to people who just have to know how to fight ends. Otherwise, I recommend that everyone else stick with Divergent as a stand-alone.

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