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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits 
21st-Feb-2013 07:50 pm
Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson. Fantasy. Hardback, 266 pages, stand-alone.

This six-story anthology focuses mainly on waterways, water creatures (such as mer-folk), and the people who interact with them. But the last story was different. Remember The Blue Sword? Did you dream of finding your own way to Damar, and having a hill pony and a wild life of formality and feudalism all your own? Well, in "A Pool in the Desert," Hetta starts dreaming her way out of the drudgery of her life, and finds out that maybe, with hard work and hard belief, she could win the dream as reality.

I picked up this book because I loved Fire. While Water does not have the same strength in its stories, they are still good, interesting, entertaining, and sometimes even haunting. I recommend it to people who enjoy McKinley's wandering words and spiral stories.

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