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Books: Daughter of the Sword

Daughter of the Sword, by Steve Bein. Fantasy. Paperback, 455 pages. Standalone.

This was an interesting book about three samurai swords made by the same master swordscrafter, that all come together in modern day. The historical flashbacks covered how the people who held them were influenced (or not) by the swords, and the modern story was made richer for that insight. Some of the flashbacks covered World War II, and offered a fascinating fantastical version of the events.

My problem with the book was that I really didn't have much in common with or sympathy for the main modern character. She is the first female to make Detective at her Japanese precinct, and is dealing with a horribly sexist and manipulative boss. She also has a junkie for a little sister and a mother in denial. She is given a po-dunk assignment investigating an attempted theft, which ends up wrapping her into the web of an international crime boss.

This would make a fantastic movie, and any movie editor would likely help me out by trimming the book to size. I couldn't tell you what needs cutting, just that it was too long.

I picked the book up on recommendation of a friend. I recommend it to people who are interested in how the underdog manipulates situations to his advantage rather than jumping headlong into a fight, and people who love old sword stories with a touch of magic.

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