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Books: Tooth and Nail, by Jennifer Safrey

Tooth and Nail, by Jennifer Safrey. Urban fantasy. Paperback, 311 pages.

Gemma Fae is a political pollster taking a sabbatical while her boyfriend runs for Congress from a NoVA district. Her only hobby is amateur boxing. Due to insistent meddling by the local good fae, she discovers that she is half ... tooth fairy. The fae need her because she can instigate violence.

I confess, I didn't finish this book. I gave it a full 100 pages, and couldn't go on. I just didn't care enough. I didn't care enough about the characters or their problems. I didn't have enough of the plot (even after 100 pages!) to care about it yet, and the world building wasn't exciting enough to pull me through on its own.

I picked it up because a friend sent it to me with the comment that the fae in here were different than the usual Elves in New York. I put it down because of above.

I recommend it to people who are collecting urban fantasy plots/tropes, because this one is different.

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